Welcome to New Richmond, WI (just over the MN border) for the 2019 CPE Nationals!

Update from the Nationals Chair

Hello, Everyone!
I've fielded a number of questions about the 2019 Nationals, so let me answer some of them for all of you as you prepare your entry!

The Cedar Lake Speedway is a NASCAR facility outside of New Richmond, Wisconsin in some lovely rural countryside. There will be no car races on our weekend, and our event will be in their gigantic arena. The arena's surface will be groomed by Mike Padgett, and I expect it will be delightful. We will be able to keep it groomed throughout the event, as the facility has a lot of equipment to maintain it.

CRATING: Details are being worked out. We will have some crating in the "pit" area which is on concrete, and plenty of crating inside the arena itself. All of these areas will be reserved. Outside the arena, there is plenty of room for shade tents, and we will work to erect some large tents for those who can't pack their own shade. Look for forms shortly.

RVs: I know that there were lots of rumors floating around, so here is the scoop. We are working on providing portable power to all RVs. We should have a cost shortly. There is water on site, but not at the RV sites. You will need to fill up when you arrive. We are looking into having a water truck to make the rounds during the event, as well as a "honey wagon". There is a free dump site on the grounds. The RV area is close to the arena. Look for forms shortly!

HOTELS: Since the arena is not close to many hotels, you can expect to drive 30-45 minutes to a hotel. The good news is that there are several towns/cites within that distance and there is already a list on this site. Since some of you booked really early, we were unable to persuade any local hoteliers to block rooms or even give us discounts, etc. We did the best we could, honestly. Since the area has lots of summer tourists, and the tourist season won't have begun here in earnest (Apple River tubing is a bit chilly in June!), you may have luck with an AirBnB or VRBO rental.

WELCOME PARTY! We are replacing the Saturday night banquet with a FRIDAY night Welcome Party! After the trial, relax with a cash bar (Wisconsin is known for their beer) and hors d-oeuvres in the arena's concession area. Local fare, an ice breaker game, and a chance to actually mingle.

GOLF CARTS: We are working on a contract here, as well, and should have details in the coming weeks.

We hope this answers your immediate questions, and if not, you can email me at cpenationalschair@gmail.com. I'll update here on the home page.

Chris Mosley

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